Aerotek Time & Expense Is Going Mobile!

 For your convenience, we have created a mobile version of the Aerotek Time & Expense site. You can now easily access the site, and enter time or approve time/expenses, from any mobile or handheld device – giving you more flexibility when on-the-go. Simply visit from any mobile device to try it today. FAQs are available on the site to help answer any questions you may have.

Attention Time & Expense Users

            We have identified potential issues with some of the Time & Expense web pages for those users that are running the application using an Internet Explorer 10 web browser. The following functionality could be impacted (Submitting a timecard, Submitting an expenseSaving a timecard in Working Draft, Saving an expense in Working Draft, Approving a timecard, and Approving an expense)  
If you have experienced any issues while attempting to perform any of the above functions and are using an Internet Explorer 10 web browser, you may follow the steps below to set your browser to Compatibility mode which should help to alleviate the issues.
·         Open the URL for Time & Expense application. (
·         Go to Tools ->Compatibility View Settings.
·         Click Add. This will add the site to the compatibility mode
If you still experience problems, please contact the Service Desk

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